Friday, December 06, 2019

New Chapter up at My Patreon

There's a new chapter of Triple Junction up at my Patreon!

For as little as $3.00/month you can have immediate access to 45 chapters, plus a new chapter every Friday. Here's an excerpt from today's chapter:

“You’re not lying,” Dallas said. “That was all true, what you said.”
“Fuck’s sake, Dallas.” Martin kicked a clot of frozen snow from their path. “You ain’t think this will work. This Revolution shit?” He ducked under an ice-crusted bally tree and slid down the slope to the river. Snow swirled into water running black over rocks. He scowled, thinking the best way to cross.
Dallas landed beside him. “What do you mean?”
“Nothing. Forget it.” He stomped the nearest rock, making certain it was solid footing, stepped from it to the next. A third got him across. Dallas followed his path. They climbed the bank on the other side, and Martin looked about them. Dallas pointed north. “That way, I thought,” Martin said, nodding more northwest. “That outcrop there, is it?”
“If it’s a rock involved, I trust you,” Dallas said, and they went northwest. “You really don’t think we’ll win?”
He shrugged up the collar of his jacket – a contract labor work jacket, heavy canvas fabric, metal buttons, quilted lining, better gear than ninety percent of the cots on this planet ever saw, shit better than those miners had been wearing – and bit on his tongue to keep from arguing.
But then he argued anyway. “Dallas. You know how much just one of us costs? Just one contract laborer? My tag’s eighty-nine thousand. I bet yours is close to that. You really think these holders will free five million of us because we ask nice?”
“We’re not asking nice.”
“They’ll shoot every pissing one of us, you fuckwit, before they give us up.”

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