Monday, December 09, 2019

Gah, Kidney Stones Again

0/10, would not recommend.

This time I had two of them, both so large the ER guy admitted me to the hospital. The urologist guy came in and did the procedure special on Sunday, so that my kidney wouldn't die. It's a wossname thing, a lithotripsy, where the doctors break up the stones with sound waves. 

They also put a stent in, so that the stones can get out more easily, though I am here to tell you that "more easily" is a relative term. I have to go in next week and get the stent removed. No, you do not want to know where the stent is. (I bet you can guess.)

Also, thanks to the opioid crisis, they have not given me nearly enough hydrocodone. (To be fair, how would you fit infinity hydrocodone in one of those tiny translucent orange prescription vials?)

While I was actually in the hospital, however, they kept me topped up on very nice pain medications, including some that gave me lovely and very weird hallucinations.

How much will all this cost?  Yeah, all the fucking money, that's how much.

At least I have insurance.

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Anonymous said...

But were 100% of the doctors and proceedures performed covered by your insurance? Not always the case.
Hope they were!
PS: Thank you for all you write and do. VERY MUCH THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

delagar said...

What's covered, what's not covered? I haven't gotten the final bill yet, so that's a little surprise that waits in my future.

And you're welcome!