Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Not a Brain Drain...

But a brain rot.

I was listening to NPR after driving Dr. Skull back to the governor's school this morning, and some MAGA American was pushing back against calling Trump racist.

"What about what he said about immigrants being rapists and murderers?" the host asked*.

"Well, 2 out of 3 refugee women get raped** on their way to the border," the MAGA American said, "so...."

"That's not actually true," the host said. "Amnesty International has investigated, and found that claim is untrue."

"Amnesty International," the MAGA American said, "Pff!"

This is why we can't hold civil discussions with Trump supporters. The only "evidence" they accept is the vile lies put forth by Fox News and other propaganda outlets. Any reliable source they dismiss as "liberal bias."

How do you discuss anything with people who deny reality?

*I can't find the transcript of this, so I'm working from memory.

** "Those evil barbarians are raping*** children and killing babies!!" is typical propaganda, used whenever one group wants to whip up hatred against another group

***And, of course this sudden concern for people being raped is touching, coming as it does from conservatives, who only care about rape when they can use it for propaganda purposes.

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