Friday, July 05, 2019

New Chapter up on my Patreon

I've posted a new chapter of Triple Junction on my Patreon!

Here's a bit:
The evening before Parliament opened its Spring Session, Lord Oxford held a party at his guesthouse, which was just across Liberty Park from Harper’s house. Harper took both Jossa and Martin along with him.
Martin was one thing – he had a chip, so even if they ran into trouble, the most that would happen to him was he might get tanked. But Jossa was delinquent on her contract. Jossa, they would shoot.
“No one’s going to arrest me,” Jossa soothed, when Martin pointed this out to her. “It’s Oxford’s House. I’m as safe there as I am at the Academy when Efram is in residence.”
“Except the Academy ain’t hip-deep in Port City. Or filled with holders from Kadir’s side of the aisle.”
“Lord Holders from Kadir’s side of the aisle don’t even see contract labor, not unless they want something. We’ll be fine.”
Martin spread his hands at Dallas, lying on the bunk he and Jossa shared with Luc asleep beside him, but Dallas just shrugged. “I’m not the leader of the network,” he said. “Don’t ask me what she should do.”
Martin bared his teeth. “Maybe this is Harper’s way of dealing with the leader of the network.”
Jossa laughed. “Harper doesn’t want me dead.”
“I’d like to see him run the network without Jossa,” Dallas said, patting Luc’s back gently. “Tell Sen what to do?”
“Or Will, for that matter,” Jossa agreed. “Are you going to comb your hair before we leave?”
“I already did,” Martin said, and both of them laughed at him then.
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