Saturday, May 18, 2019


It's been a rough week. Here's some links, most of which will not cheer you up, I'm afraid.

But facts and evidence are better than ignorance and propaganda.

This has happened before

More on that

It's a feature, not a bug

N&M have more links, and ways to take action

This is America

A mother's day post

See also this

I like this AOC. 

Also Warren. If AOC were just a bit older, we could have a Warren/AOC ticket in 2020.

A wonderful short story


I love this comic

Mice in Space!

As I often tell my students, don't let people who hate something define that thing for you:

Also, as I noted above, this has happened before:

"Are you going to be loyal to me or to that f*cking Constitution?"

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