Saturday, May 19, 2018


It's two weeks until Summer I begins. I am probably teaching two classes in that semester -- madness! But (as always) we need the money.

Meanwhile I am writing and writing.

Here, have links!

Cool article on Homer and color words -- also touches on why translations are such a tangled web

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Charles Murray is a terrible human being

Via TYWKIWDBI, why America is broken

NYTimes lets Jordan Peterson hang himself

Jessica Valenti on Peterson

For those of you who want to know even more about Jordan Peterson

See also this :

When the shooting stopped, Mr. Dixon said that friends told him that the gunman first entered an art classroom, said “Surprise!” and started shooting. The suspect’s ex-girlfriend was among the people shot in that classroom, he said.

Rod Dreher, of course, thinks school shootings are caused by access to the internet.

Also, Rod Dreher thinks you should get off his fucking lawn

I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing -- the causes are worth looking at though. (Hint: It's probably not bc Gen Whatevs is so selfish.)

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