Saturday, May 05, 2018

Holy Hell

If you ever want to start a Twitter storm, just tweet that food-woo (in this case, Pink Himalayan Salt) is bullshit.

I've STILL got people coming @ me


delagar said...

This was all started by Dr. Jen Gunter, by the way. She wanted to know where the whole food-woo over apple cider vinegar started.

Nicoleandmaggie said...

ACV has randomized controlled trials showing it is really helpful for people with insulin problems. Not great for teeth, but I keep some at work for when I screw up and eat something with too much sugar. (When I was ttc adding regular acv prompted weight loss for me too about a pound a week for a while.) I don’t understand why people without insulin problems drink the diluted honey version since the whole point is to slow digestion to moderate sugar spikes and honey adds more sugar. Also not a pleasant taste.

We have a tiny little clear plastic envelope labeled pink Himalayan salt in out pantry with a tiny amount of pink salt in it. I have no idea where it came from or for how long we’ve had it. (I can’t imagine buying it but DH sometime buys strange things.) I guess we’re waiting for a recipe that calls for it before using it up? I wonder what would happen if I tried it (insert twilight zone music).

delagar said...

Huh. Does it have to be apple cider vinegar, or would any vinegar do it?

Dr. Skull insists on a specific brand of *organic* apple cider vinegar. He's become very food woo over the past few years, which is doing crazy-expensive things to our food budget or I wouldn't mind, since the laser-focus on what he eats has also improved his health enormously.

My mother gave me one of those gift assortments last year, a box of six different salts in one-ounce jars. One is pink Himalayan. Another is the black sort. I don't know, it all tastes like salt to me.

Nicoleandmaggie said...

It doesn’t have to be acv, but it does have to have a certain ph, so not all vinegar. Balsamic doesn’t work and fake acv (the kind with caramel color and sugar added to regular vinegar) also doesn’t work. So it doesn’t have to be braggs, but Heinz won’t work. I believe straight up white does work, but acv has a way better flavor, and all the rct are done on acv, or at least they were 12+ years ago when I was desperate to have a baby. If using white vinegar, it’s best to take it as a dressing for cucumbers (no sugar though!). Tell him I can vouch for Spectrum and 365 brands in addition to Braggs.

delagar said...

Oh, I was just curious. He's not going to give up his Mother's Organic WETF Apple Cider Vinegar. Because MICRONUTRIENTS.