Tuesday, May 01, 2018

It's not the End, but You Can See it from Here

The end of the semester hoves near, y'all.

I'm only giving one exam, in English Grammar, which will be practically painless (at least for me). My other classes have portfolios, which will have to be read and commented on. That's more work, but it's also slower work.

Soon I will have almost a month off, in other words. I'm teaching Summer I, which starts in early June. So I've got almost all of May to write, and maybe sleep, if I got shake this pernicious insomnia.

The kid comes home on May 11. Then they're going to visit their sweetie for awhile, who lives in Pennsylvania.

Then they'll see about getting a job.

Yes, it's an exciting summer planned here at Chez delagar.

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