Saturday, December 02, 2017

Saturday Links

I have finished Blackboard training! Go me!

(I whined to my kid about having to do Blackboard training, and they were entirely unsympathetic. "Mom. I use Blackboard all the time."  These kids today, I swear.)

Have some links!

An excellent and concise argument about that wedding cake thing

A resource, now that the Trump investigation is getting hot

A comic about dual-language classrooms

Cool twitter thread

Useful when someone begins blustering to you about climate science not being "real" science:

This is strangely mesmerizing -- a real-time webcam of the Jackson Hole town square, with comments off to the side.

About that tax bill:

Also: Call your reps. Tell them you will be voting them out in 2018. This is obscene.


Bardiac said...

I'd be willing to bet that on the student end, Blackboard is reasonably straightforward. They aren't trying to post content, provide links, email classes, accept and grade assignments, and so on...

delagar said...

That is the exact argument I made!

I got NO sympathy. >:(