Saturday, December 30, 2017

Links for Your Frozen Saturday

Here in Arkansas we have a projected high of 38 for today, and 30 for tomorrow. Still, we're warmer than many parts of North America! Keep warm, y'all!

Have some links.

In my classes and in the papers my students write for me, my conservative students insist that white men can't get jobs -- that it's easier for women (and of course black men) to get jobs than for your discriminated against white man to find any sort of work, that poor fella. Where do they get this idea? It's just another persecution narrative being pushed endlessly on the Right.

All y'all have all seen the Milo manuscript tweets, but I do like this thread, which points out the editor's complicity.

Here's another, which is funnier.

Are single mothers responsible for the rise in crime? Not so much.

Another excellent thread, this one on the post office

Here are 99 reasons this was a good year

Why, look at this!

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