Sunday, September 10, 2017

Links for You

Happy Sunday -- have some links!

The kids are alright

Aw, look here

And here (you gotta scroll down a bit)

Here is what happens when someone who can reason encounters someone who is spouting RW talking points. It's a video, but it's short, and absolutely worth listening to.

This, an article at the Atlantic by Ta-Nehisi Coates, is long, but also well worth reading: The First White President.  Every time I read Coates, it's like receiving a gift I didn't even know I needed.

These sorts of articles, on the other hand, are just so much infuriating bullshit. Oh, yes, thank you. That's exactly what I need to do. Quit spending money at Starbucks! Why didn't I think of that! Sweet Jesus. I should probably quit eating so much avocado toast while I'm at it.

You know what I need, in order not to be poor? To make more fucking money. And to have far less of my money going to medical bills and health insurance. That's what I need in order not to be poor. Shut the fuck up about how I'm spending too much money at Starbucks.

(Okay. Deep breath.)

This is definitely worth reading, especially for all y'all who have or know LGBT teens.

All over the internet -- and not just on the Right side of the net either -- people are clutching their pearls over a few students holding protests, passing around petitions, or otherwise being students. Meanwhile, people who have actual power, Conservative people, are doing shit like this, and oddly enough no one says a thing about it.

Meanwhile, the same people who clutch their pearls over the terrible, terrible fainting snowflakes on the left, are also clutching their pearls over the shocking behavior of this Leftist child.

Especially appropriate since I'm teaching Plato this week

Have a frog


D Shannon said...

Here's a link to a really, really bad op-ed from the local paper, stunning in that it may be the worst defense I have yet seen of statuary honoring traitors.

I had to read several times in order to determine whether the first example involved replacing a statue of King George III with one of George Washington, or vice versa. It gets worse from there, and somehow manages to describe an image of former Pittsburgh Pirate shortstop Dick Groat as a representation of slavery, which people opposed to honoring Confederate leaders ought to tear down.

Remember, somebody paid him to write this drivel.

delagar said...

Wow, that is some ahistorical and logic-free bullshit. Yeah, being traded from one baseball team to another is *exactly* like being sold as a slave in the American Sout