Saturday, September 16, 2017

I Know, I Know

It's like shooting fish in a barrel, but really, Rod Dreher is just getting more and more hopeless.

(1) Notice how he doesn't even link to the original source (published in that extremely credible venue, The Daily Signal), in which Scott Yenor, apparently a tenured professor of political science, produces such insightful comments as these:

 [Radical feminists] seek to eliminate the different ways boys and girls are socialized, so that they will come to have very similar characters and temperaments.
Second, they seek to cultivate financial and emotional independence of women and children from the family.

Oh, no! Women who are financially independent! Not that! Boys and girls being socialized in equal ways! The horror!

I can't imagine why Dreher wouldn't link to such a credible and reasonable argument.

What does Dreher link to?  Why, this extremely credible venue, The National Review, where we get to hear about Yenor's Dean, who mildly notes that while he doesn't agree with Yenor, he nevertheless supports his academic right to free speech, and these terrible kids today, who have the nerve to use their First Amendment right to talk back to a conservative professor!!

(2) And then he makes his usual point, which is that gay people, liberals, and trans people are going to destroy American, blah blah blah.

Sweet Jesus.


JaneB said...

I... er... how IS there a ("traditional", in the usage of this sort of person) family separate from the women and children??

It's like one of those koans that twists your brain around...

delagar said...

This sort of person, as far as I can tell, sees "the family" as the man, and whoever the man owns.

I mean, I'm sure he wouldn't phrase it that way.

Historical families (as I know you know) have all sorts of configuration, almost none of which include a man with a woman and her children living as financial dependents (or prisoners) of that man.

The most common sort of family in the world is the extended family, and in those families even the children have a certain amount of independence -- if they're not happy in the birth family, they can go live with granny, or auntie, or some uncle.

So Yenor is full of shit, but we knew that.