Sunday, July 30, 2017

What's Up?

Here, it is just over two weeks before the kid goes off to her first year of college. (Wasn't it just yesterday she was starting her first year of high school? WTAH.) We're occupied with the incidentals of getting her prepped for college -- dealing with financial issues, buying her supplies, thinking about the gear she'll need.

It's also just three weeks until Fall semester begins. Given I'm still in the middle of teaching Summer II, I've done very little to prep for Fall 2017, though I have made up the reading schedule for Global Lit. (I'm teaching Global Lit, two sections of Comp II, and Fiction Writing.)

I'm also working on the edits for Fault Lines, and writing incidental pieces, like a review for Strange Horizons (finished today -- I hope. We'll see what the editor says).

Between and among all of this, I deal with the annoying work that goes into keeping a household running, though not very well, I must say. Laundry backs up, I haven't vacuumed in weeks, the lawn is getting dangerously high (dangerously, because I have a jerk neighbor who calls the lawn police on me at the slightest excuse.

How are all y'all doing?


Bardiac said...

I'm excited for your kid to start university! I hope the artist has a fabulous, wonderful, educational, exciting time! Wishing your kid all the best!

delagar said...

Thank you! She's very excited too!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

Good luck to your kiddo with college! I hope she has a great experience!

And by the way -- you're very inspiring! You have a 4/4 load? And you're teaching summer? And you wrote a novel? Man, I am really impressed! Woo Hoo!!!

As for me - I was trying to work on a review that is due August 15th, and I got hung up on it, so I decided to work on a story instead. I wrote about 1000 words, then went back to the review and found myself unblocked and worked on that for a couple of hours. So that's good. The bad thing is that I really want to work on revising a novel I wrote a decade ago instead of working on my scholarly book. Sigh... I'm hoping having a course release with no class on Tuesday/Thursday (during the day) will help me work on a lot of writing projects. But who knows...

delagar said...

Fie -- yes, 4/4 is the normal load here, and I have to take at least two classes in the summer to make ends meet (barely meet!).

AND they expect us to do research. Luckily, my fiction writing counts as research, plus I have a great chair, who has given me a schedule that frees me from teaching at least a few days a week (I only teach TR in the fall, for instance).

Will your school not count creative work as going toward scholarship? I had to argue with my people a bit, and provide proof that it is actually harder to publish fiction than it is to publish scholarly articles; but they came around!

Fie upon this quiet life! said...

I think that they will count my creative work as scholarship. But I've committed to the monograph because I was trying to negotiate a course release. So I need to work on that. And yet, I also just bought a couple of books that will be useful for revising my novel, too. (Part of the problem with it is I need to do a little research to make it more believable.) I'm hopeful that I can either apply for a sabbatical after tenure or get my monograph done in a year's time so I can work more on my novel.

delagar said...

I'm hoping for a sabbatical next fall. We'll see!