Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday Night Linkage!

What a week.

In my personal life, it's all been lovely. A nice week at home, with the kid receiving her award money and getting ever closer to being done with high school; and a good week at the university. Friday we had the Undergraduate Research Day, always a good time, since we cancel classes and spend a day listening to student presentations of what they've been doing. This year was especially good. The kids are all right, y'all.

Sadly, the adults are not. But the less said about Trump the better. Have some links instead:

Math problems for English Majors: This starts with the riddle we all know, but keep reading!

Right-Wing Dicks Being Right-Wing Dicks -- I used this article in my Comp II class, which is reading Eleanor Arnason's Mammoths of the Great Plains, a novella which is, among other things, about the destruction of Indian culture via the theft of Indian children.

Speaking of teaching comp, in my Comp I and Comp II classes, I've Gone Gradeless like this for years now. It's not just effective -- I'm convinced it's the only way to teach writing.

The True Cause of Poverty: It's Profitable

Love this SF story by Sarah Pinsker:  And Then There Were (N-One) For fans of Agatha Christie, and fans of Hard SF both!

Rod Dreher Gets SUPER hysterical about Trans People. I'm really starting to think he should seek therapy for this obsession.

An excellent response to J.D. Vance's ridiculous book

SMBC Explains It All

And this video

Which makes me happier every time I watch it.

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