Saturday, February 11, 2017

Words That Will Make Me Stop Taking You And Your Argument Seriously

This is a fact. When I hear these words* come from your mouth, or when I see them in your paper, or in your comment, or in your post, I immediately know you are arguing in bad faith, or you are incapable of honest and careful thought.

I stop taking you seriously at that point -- well, in fact, I stop listening to you at all in that point. Life is too short to listen to liars and fools**.

Here's the list!

  • SJW
  • feminazi
  • politically correct/PC
  • virtue signalling
  • radical Islamic terrorism
  • snowflake
  • Just playing the devil's advocate but...
  • anchor baby
  • Judeo-Christian / Judeo-Christian tradition
  • the "bubble" 
  • white working class voters
  • feminism-is-cancer
  • alpha male/beta/cuck
  • misandry
  • voter fraud
  • crybaby, crybully, whining, shrieking, any variation of these
  • white genocide
  • the real victims...
  • bread-and-circuses
  • paid protesters
  • participation trophy
  • safe space

*does not apply to those using the terms ironically [d'oh]

** Am I serious? Yeah, not entirely, not on all of these. For instance, I'm entirely serious that when someone uses the term "PC" or "virtue signalling," unless they're using it ironically, I can no longer take them seriously, pretty much ever. Same for feminazi and participation trophy and misandry. But some of these, depending on how they're used...


Nicoleandmaggie said...

I dunno, I'm not sure the people calling Chaffetz a snowflake for his last townhall reaction are being entirely ironic about it. ;)

delagar said...

Heh. Yeah, ironic is probably the wrong word there. I can't think of the right one though. It's not reclaiming the term. "Using your bullshit against you" is what we're after, but what's the word for that?

John Dumas said...

Some years ago, our synagogue had Jim Wallis as a guest speaker. At one point he said, "when most Christians say 'Judeo-Christian,' they don't mean the 'Judeo' part." Then he turned the rabbi and said, "sorry, Arnie."

More recently, I was a Facebook discussion and one guy said that he decided not to go to a certain university because it was "full of social justice warriors." Let's be honest: nobody gets into a UC campus but decides to go for the Cal State system because they might encounter liberals. (News flash: the Cal State system has its share of liberals too.) But he had crossed that line and I could no longer take him seriously. Yeah, I pulled out his language and called him a "special snowflake" who was so scared of the big mean "social justice warriors."

Bardiac said...

Wow, "social justice warriors" seem like exactly the people I would want to learn from in any school!

I have a safe space sign on my door from safe space training. Not ironic, but hopeful. I think you're probably okay with that. :)

delagar said...


And yes -- I have that same sticker on my door, in fact. Hmm. I should rephrase that a bit, probably. Using "safe space" as an insult, I mean.

Wording is hard.