Wednesday, December 14, 2016

How Well Do YOU Know Your Country?

This quiz (it's not really a quiz) posted at the Guardian won't take long, and (at least for me) is interesting in what it reveals about our preconceptions.

How Well Do You Know Your Country?

(The answer for me, mostly: Not as well as I thought I did! The answer for How Happy Are Most People? shocked the living bajeezus outta me, I'll tell you that for nothing.)


nicoleandmaggie said...

Apparently I know it pretty well, better than I thought I did, though for a couple of those their answers are off compared to what I just gathered for my lecture notes next semester. And I did more rounding. (The reason people in the US are generally 21 million off on total population is because 300 million is a round number!)

I also guessed way low on happiness. But there are different happiness surveys out there...

Bardiac said...

I wasn't even close on any of them! Probably a result of living in my little bubble.


delagar said...


I was off in odd ways! Like I thought most people were much unhappier than the quiz says they are; and I thought more people lived in the US (by about 30 million); and I thought MANY fewer people owned houses. And I thought tons more people were bent out of shape about sex!

I was nearly right on health care costs, though, and very close on the % of wealth owned by the least wealthy.