Thursday, December 08, 2016

Colbert on the Pizzagate Nonsense

This is a great segment.

Colbert acknowledges at the top that he's not a journalist. Nevertheless, he's doing stellar work here.

I'm still seeing Far-Right blogs claiming that this Pizzagate drivel is true, by the way. Seriously, how intellectually limited do you have to be to buy into something this transparently ridiculous? It's like believing in chemtrails. Or that ridiculous claim that Planned Parenthood sells fetal body parts -- Rod Dreher is still repeating that vile lie.

Really, they're daily more pathetic. You would think, now that they've got their Liar in Chief headed for the White House, they'd calm down. But nope. They're ramping up the Bullshit Machines: Full Speed Ahead.


Anonymous said...

The segment is good but as I was watching it I realized that the Trump administration will be good for shows like Colbert's. People like us will watch them because we'all enjoy the critique, but it all plays into Trump's hand at the end: politics, the fate of the world, the planet, disenfranchised people will all become fodder for entertainment. It's so frightening, esp because I don't see a way out of this predicament.

delagar said...

You're right, I'm afraid. Trump's schtick is spectacle. So long as he can get the attention of the media -- through whatever means, however vile or ridiculous -- he wins. The recent Carrier stunt is an excellent example.

delagar said...

And let's face it: most people in America don't bother to check their sources, much less evaluate them. So Trump (and his minions) can lie all they like; they'll be believed, their lies will be both swallowed and propagated.