Friday, April 10, 2015

New Issue of Crossed Genres: Issue 28 Silent Communication

As always, in this issue, Silent Communication, our contributors responded to the genre in different, and fascinating, fashions.

Our first story up, "Loud as a Murder," by Sarah L. Johnson, who is our Spotlight Author (that is, our writer who is making her first professional sale with this piece) has an autistic protagonist, wonderful writing, wonderful characters, and a wonderfully constructed plot.

Our interview with Sarah is here.

"Trollbooth," by Maureen Tanafon, is far from your typical fairytale.  The silent communication here arises from our deaf and mute protagonist, who is also both the strength and moral force in her small family -- and something of a trickster.  A short and powerful story.  (Also a great pun.)

Finally, a heartwarming story from Megan Neaumann about language barriers in multi-cultural families -- here, a young American-born girl, June, who speak only English, and her grandfather from Hong Kong, who speaks only Catonese.  An disaster opens a brief lane of communication between them in "A Language We Shared."

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