Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Grounded Parents Post: On Blocking and Unfriending

A new Grounded Parents post by your own delagar is up.

It concerns when and why we should shut the (virtual) door on people.

Go here to read it: On Blocking and Unfriending and Muting and Silencing in General.


Anonymous said...

With our blog, we tend to believe that if Scalzi has a mallet of loving correction, we can too.

delagar said...


fairyhedgehog said...

Very good points.

I haven't unfriended people yet on FB, I've just put them on my restricted list. And I'm cautious about what I post publicly.

I have deleted a comment thread though and hidden the post because I just didn't want to get into that conversation with the alleged friend.

I can take people disagreeing with my view that most of the differences between men and women are either cultural or greatly exaggerated by our culture. What I can't take is being patronised (and by another woman no less!)