Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Strange Horizons Pledge Drive!

It's that time of year again!

Strange Horizons is having its fund drive.

Those of us who read and write SF know that Strange Horizons is one of the greats in contemporary and cutting edge science fiction. They publish online, which ten years ago (I can remember!) seemed bizarre; these days publishing any other way is the mark of an archaic press.  (I get deeply annoyed at any magazine I can't find online now!)

Every week, Strange Horizons publishes science fiction and occasional fantasy fiction, poetry, and reviews; there are illustrations; there are podcasts. There are essays.  There is a blog.  Around the time of the Hugos and the Nebulas and other awards, there are reviews and commentaries of the awards lists.

It's a wonderful magazine, is what I am saying.  And there are prizes!  Go fund them -- twenty bucks, thirty bucks, fifty bucks, whatever!

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