Monday, October 06, 2014

Being A Mom

My kid has been sick today, so I'm like a real mom here.

I had to call her in sick (though, you know, I could have been anyone on the other end of the line -- the high school didn't ask my name, or even what was wrong with her -- just her name and if she would be out all day).

Since then, I have been fetching tea and cold medicine, tucking my baby in and making sure she has tissue.  We also watched the pilot of The Sarah Connor Chronicles together.

Now it's afternoon, and she's having a nap, hoping she's better tomorrow so that she won't have to miss her biology test.

I might make her hot chicken soup for dinner, just like Mrs. Cleaver would.


Unknown said...

chicken and matzo ball is the best for colds... and delicious.

delagar said...

True! And we have some left over from Yom Kippur!