Tuesday, February 05, 2013


See, I send you over to the American Conservative, telling you that you can get thoughtful posts from a relatively sane guy on the Right if you go to that site...

...and then?

This: Let's Mock The Idea That Transgender People Are Reals. (With side notes In Comments about Cutting off Penis jokes HA HA HA HA!)

This: Let's Get Hysterical About The Boy Scouts & Them Gays

This: Muslims are Sluts, so Real Xtians Avoid Them! (Um, What?)

More Anti-Muslim Posting.

Here, A Conversation With A Haitian Cab Driver (O I KID YOU NOT!) Where we learn that all we need is White Christians to take over the Country and all will be well.

Here, he blames liberals for the exploitation of young girls by men in this culture.  Yes.  Because we're the ones who teach young women that they should submit to men, and that they don't own their bodies, and that validation should come from men.

And This Post, Charmingly Called The Mall Killers (though no one is killed, notice): Some extreme fucking racism about how violent those black people are and what ever shall we do?  There is (some) pushback among those who comment; but also some sickening racism as well.

I'm writing this post because, despite the fact that TAC is (in fact) one of the few conservative sites that posts reasonable and rational posts from time to time, and is (in fact) one of the few conservative sites on which (some of) those who comment are sensible and rational, I am hereby, as of today's horrible anti-trans post, withdrawing even my limited endorsement of the site.

Because, Christ.  What an asshole.

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