Saturday, February 23, 2013

No, Just Go For A Run, Sweetie. And Maybe Pray A Little!

I gotta say I'm with the Bloggess on this one: the notion that if you're hurt, or injured, or ill, you shouldn't take medication to help with that problem, but should tough it out instead, wow.

(Or worse, here in Arkansas, we just use Jesus.)

The article the Bloggess links to, "Xanax Helps Me Be A Better Mom," is snidely critical of parents who take anti-depressants, or anti-anxiety medications, to deal with depression and anxiety issues.

Apparently exercise and talk therapy and being a better person is all you need.  Oh, and locking yourself in your laundry room in your split-level colonial home with the dryer running for about 20 minutes.  Because that'll do the trick, I guess.



kel said...

If I had a housekeeper, nanny, gym membership, standing weekly date night with my husband, and no financial issues, I could probably get by on exercise and talk therapy. Hell, if I just had a nanny and a housekeeper my life would be shiny! Alas, I have none of those things but! I do have Xanax. And Prozac. I'll take the win where can get it, you know?

Anonymous said...

Mother's Little Helper: The Next Generation. I'm disinclined to criticize if a little xanax helps get one through the day. It's more effective than prayer. I'm pretty sure of that. --L

Unknown said...


as one of those kick-ass people with adhd, all I have to say is, "don't think meds are necessary? spend a week with me without them."

i've broken more than one's point view on that.