Thursday, February 28, 2013

An EEEEvil Grammarian?

So I'm grading midterms, harried as usual.

Grading midterms is always an oppressive experience.  Right up to that moment, I am always convinced the class is brilliant, that they have learned everything I have taught, that everything is going so well. Comes the exam, well.


There I am grading away, harried and grieved, yanking at my hair (which I have cut even shorter) while I mutter in exasperation ("How can that be a participial phrase?  How?  It's not even remotely a verbal!") when the kid comes to sit at the table with me.

The Kid: I really like your hair like that.

Me: Thanks.  Me, too.  It's very handy.

The Kid:  I mean how it's gone grey like that -- right there in that one patch?  Where you part it?

Me:  Um.  Okay?

The Kid: It makes you look like a Supervillain.


kel said...

My MIL had a streak of bright white hair from the time she was a teenager and she has super dark hair (almost black) so it's really noticeable. She used to work at a women's prison and one inmate was TERRIFIED of my MIL because she was convinced that she was a bad witch. If she got out of hand they would just call my MIL to come stand by her cell and she would stop, lest a spell be cast.

delagar said...

Heh! Mine's not *that* noticeable, because I'm sort of sandy-brown/blonde and the grey bit is silver-blonde.

But still! I'm now going around thinking of myself as a Supervillain Professor.