Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What, Really?

Saw the surgeon for my post-op check up and it turns out that what I thought was just an exploratory arthroscopy was the actual surgery.

IOW, he already cut out my bone spurs and inflamed bits. That's why I hurt so much over the past ten days. "Yeah," he said. "Anytime you cut on bone, there's gonna be pain."

Good news: no second surgery.

Bad news: longer recovery than I had expected, and I start PT on Tuesday.

Have I mentioned how much I hate PT?

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Anonymous said...

If you can take tramadol, one 50 mg tablet taken with with some ibuprofen/aspirin can seriously blunt day pain without making you too opiated or sleepy to work. You can try it on a weekend it to see how it affects you, but it has helped me a lot. My husband also relies on it. Also, it's generic and cheap.

Good luck with the PT. --L