Saturday, August 18, 2012

Here Comes The Future Like A Great Big Rock

I'm teaching four classes with four different preps this semester.

This is only the 3,500th time I've done this, so you would think I would be used to it and quit whining. In fact, one memorable semester when I was teaching in NC I taught seven classes in one semester with seven different preps, and my kid was less than two years old when I started the semester, too. What a lovely semester that was! One of the classes was New Testament Greek, which I had neither taken nor taught before -- I had to teach myself koine Greek while I taught it, IOW. Wow. Good times!

This semester, at least the kid is fourteen and can fend (mostly) for herself. I'm teaching

  • Major Authors: Octavia Butler
  • English Grammar
  • Literature of Diverse Culture: LGBTQ Literature
  • ENGL 1203: Comp I
Two of these I have taught before; two never. All of them are prep-intensive -- that is, they will require a great deal of reading, research, and other work before I teach each class.

OTOH, all of them (except maybe the comp class, but eh, that has its charms too) are classes I would have given my left arm to teach in Graduate School, so, yeah.

Speaking of my left arm -- wow, does it hurt. I'm seeing the surgeon on Tuesday, I guess to find out what they learned during the arthroscopy. Right now it hurts more than it did before the procedure. I am still getting a nice supply of Vicodin, but man, it doesn't do more than take the barest edge of the pain.

But! Since I can't sleep (the shoulder hurts too much to let me sleep) I've got all these extra hours to prep in. Win win!


Anonymous said...

Teaching a class on a female Science Fiction writer and a class on LGBTQ Literature? Sounds like a win-win!! Could it be that the university is broadening it's ever-so-to-the-right cultural views?


delagar said...

IKR? I keep waiting for Admin to yank one or both of the classes. So far not, though.