Monday, July 02, 2012

Working Working Working

Spent the entire weekend either writing writing writing (I've got a novel, plus a story I'm finishing, plus a new story I'm starting) or reading reading reading (other people's stories) or grading grading grading (Summer I grades R due tomorrow) so I am worn out.

For fun I cleaned house, as much as I can clean house as broken as I am.

Me: (starting to pick up laundry basket, growling.) Dr. Skull!

Dr. Skull: (Playing guitar loudly)

Me: DR. SKULL! (Adds a bad word.)

Kid emerges from her room, where she has been drawing for the past 15 hours: What now?

Me: Carry this, will you? (Another bad word.)

Kid: Oh, Mom. You're so sad. (Carries basket for me.)

(In Dr. Skull's defense, when he is not playing the guitar loudly, he does all the heavy lifting for me these days.)

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