Saturday, July 28, 2012

Farmers' Market

We drove up the hill to Fayetteville today, despite the blistering heat (104 here, and I think it was hotter there). Visited the Farmers Market, among other places, and got some lovely grapes and figs, more of the tiny peaches, beautiful tomatoes, red ones and orange ones, nice little purple potatoes, and Obama buttons all around.

Fayetteville is much more blue than Fort Smith, I think.

We also visited the best used bookstore in Arkansas (in our opinion), Dickson Street Bookshop, and got too many books, as usual. And then to the Ozark Natural Foods, for more lovely items -- rainbow colored carrots (orange, red, white, purple -- each carrot a different color, I mean, not the carrots colored like rainbows) and more grapes, because a different sort, and locally-grown free-range hens, deep-frozen.

The air conditioner on our ancient heap went out (as it usually does when the weather gets over 89 degrees) so we did most of this in the vicious heat, and now I am so exhausted.

But it is nice to have food in the house that is not frozen peas and crackers once again.


Andrevs said...

Is the farmer's market cheaper than Walmart? I'd love to check one out sometime!

delagar said...

Eh, not really cheaper than Wal-Mart. But Wal-Mart produce tastes like crap, plus you're giving your money to the Evil Oppressors. AND supporting global warming.

Whereas if you go to the Farmers Market, it's WIN WIN WIN. Great produce (and it really is great -- you won't believe how much better it tastes than that Wal-Mart shit), you support your local farmer, and it's locally grown.

delagar said...

Oh -- the frozen hens from Ozark Natural foods are always cheaper than Wal-Mart hens. I don't know why exactly, but they're like half the price of Tyson chickens, and of course taste 10X better.

Tyson chicken tastes (literally to me after eating free range chicken) like shit. Go get one of these chickens. You'll never go back.

delagar said...

You can also get Smart Chicken from Harps -- organic free range. It's also much better than Tyson chicken. But it's more expensive, not cheaper.

Andrevs said...

That sounds like heaven! I'd love to support the farmers instead of the evil corporations; I wish I had more money :c