Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bastille Day!

It's almost midnight here in Arkansas, and Bastille Day, as I have just noticed.

I've been working all day, writing, editing, doing laundry, doing dishes, reading and making helpful notes on student papers -- I started at 9:00 this morning, and it's six minutes to midnight now.

Tomorrow I'll do the same again.

Monday I teach, hold office hours, and then come home and do the same thing.

Good thing we professors only work nine hours a week.

But! I did get a chance, while I was eating lunch, to read this anti-Feminist bloggit lady, who says that women "naturally" belong in low-paying, low-competition jobs like nursing and teaching and secretarial work, because we are unstable and easily distracted -- that's if we're going to work at all: because obviously we should not be working. Obviously men should be working. We should be at home, raising six to ten kids each (or, as she calls them, consumers).

If women would leave the labor pool and stay home doing all that work of raising, nursing, laundrying for, and educating extra consumers for free, says The Thinking Housewife, we would have no economic crisis! It is only because we think we are citizens, and not Men's Servants, that these economic problems have arisen!

Now That's Just Common Sense.

And I have written past Bastille Day, right into July 15.

Start the Revolution Now.

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