Friday, June 03, 2011

Oh God

It's June.

It's summer in Arkansas.

Weather guy says we're heading for 98 degrees this week.

Four more months of this.

Do you see why I want to move to Barrows, Alaska? How would that be worse than this, exactly?


dorki said...

Welcome to the Sunny South, 98 F and 98 % humidity. Just another typical summer day. There was this old song with the line "Is is true what they say about Dixie? Does the sun really shine all the time?" Well, yes it does (except at night).

Thank goodness for air conditioning and TVA.

delagar said...

Yeah, I lived (briefly) in a duplex without an AC in Fayetteville, AR, when I was a graduate student. Never again.

I remember August afternoons lying on the kitchen floor in shorts and a wife-beater, with ice-cubes on my forehead, praying for sundown.

And me an atheist!