Sunday, June 19, 2011

They Get Richer, We Get Poorer

And, as Echidne adds, at her post here, showing how the income share for workers has been steadily declining for workers since 1948, that is probably a feature, not a bug, in the system.

Nor are the rich who own this country now happy with -- what is it? I forget exactly --- earning 250 times as much per hour as the average worker in America. No. They have to buy people like Gov. Walker to break the unions and destroy health care and get rid of minimum wage so that they can be even richer and own even more.

The fact is, the rich in this world will not be happy until we are serfs and they own it all. That's how they thought in Rome, and that's how they think now.

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Midprof said...

a-effing-men. I was just talking with my 80-something father about this. He's a lifelong staunch republican who can't believe the state of the country and is disgusted at the so-called republicans of today. So much of what was great about this country was about the opportunity that accrued to the hard-working. Now, we're all just here to take out student loans for fake educations, work for jack-squat, and vote for the rich guys who unbelievably convince us that our (actually nonexistent)social mobility is somehow related to not taxing them. It is nothing short of sickening, and nothing short of tragic.