Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My craptop broke.  I am sad.

Good news: the machine is the property of the university, not me, so I do not have to pay for its repair.  (Yay!  Because as always, we are broke.)

Bad news: the guy at the Help Desk says it will be either days or weeks before I get it back.  He does not know which.  

Since I do most of my writing and academic work on the craptop these days, due to my busted metatarsal (it's mostly healed, but it still hurts if I don't keep my foot propped up) you can see why I am sad.


Bardiac said...

Bummer! Sorry :(

But yay that the university will get it fixed!

Athena Andreadis said...

When this happens in a context such as yours, it's customary to give you a loan computer and download a mirror of your stuff on it.

delagar said...

Yes, if I worked at a real university, I bet that's what would happen.

They did offer me a loaner, without any of my work on it. Normally our IT guys are excellent, but this time, FAIL.