Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Woke to the crashing sounds of sheets of sleet sliding off the roof today, which alarmed the kitten very much.  I believe she thought the robot armies of the Mouse Overlord had finally invaded. When I checked my mail, I found the university cancelled classes.  (Yay!)

All day long we have had snow, sleet, blowing winds, and temperatures in the low teens.  Frosty!  The dogs refused to go outside.  The cat stood on the windowsill and looks appalled.The kid wanted to walk to the grocery to buy more lime popsicles, but I refused to let her -- the Weather Channel had Severe Weather alerts out about wind chill, and it's not like she has proper winter gear.  (This is Arkansas, after all.  NONE of us has winter gear.)  The yard was solid with frozen pools of ice, over which drifts of snow skidded very dramatically.  I drank coffee and write and wrote. 

One theory I recently read says the world climate has spun -- we've got the arctic circle's weather now, and they've got ours.  Not sure I believe that, but this has been a stormy winter.   Low tonight of 10 degrees, with heavy wind gusts expected; low tomorrow night of zero.  Outside my window, the world looks Siberian.

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