Friday, February 04, 2011

What's That I See?

More snow?

Two inches so far and more falling steadily, on top of the unmelted snow and ice from earlier in the week.  Our university gave up and closed until Monday.  I taught exactly four classes this week -- three on Monday,  before the storms hit, and one last night, the Fiction Workshop.  

Class last night was a bit dicey, in fact, because the roads were pretty bad, and people in Pork Smith drive like tools whether there is ice on the roads or not.  So I was driving carefully -- fifty-five in the slow lane, watching out for patches of ice, of which there were many -- and absolute idiots were roaring up behind me, riding my bumper, even though they could easily have moved over into the fast lane to pass me, riding my bumper for a minute or two with their high beams on, to teach me a lesson, I guess, show me a thing or two about what happens to people who DARE to drive slow on the interstate, and only then moving into the fast lane and roaring past me, at about 90, on an icy road, in the dark.

Because, you know, the laws of physics do not apply to people in huge SUVs who live in Arkansas and voted for Sarah Palin, I guess is teh reasoning here.

(I did have one student write me an essay once:  he claimed he never wore a seatbelt or worried when he drove fast because he put his faith in God.  When it was his time to go, it was his time to go.  Nothing he did made any difference in the face of God's plan.  If God wanted him to die on the highway he would.  If God didn't want him to he would not.  So I guess these idiots could just be really, really faithful.  You don't need physics if you have faith.)

Meanwhile: for me, more coffee, more writing.

And according to the weather channel?  More snow coming next week.


Unknown said...

yeah... snow on top of ice... hurts when slipping and fall flat on your ass (rather, my ass). I'm ready for Spring.

dorki said...

There, like here, it looks like a lot of Testament Thumpers are vying for the Darwin Award.

zelda1 said...

I was driving down college and this huge suv came out of nowhere and was weaving in and out of traffic and so I thought, yikes, he is going to wreck and sure enough, just when I thought there was not going to be a wreck, he started sliding and went clean off the road, down an embankment and there he landed. I called 911 and said, big car down embankment, the operator said, figures. I said, okay then.

delagar said...

When the kid and I were out walking the other night around 10:00 this IDIOT in his SUV was driving way too fast on the neighborhood roads, which were sheer ice. I heard him coming, and yanked the kid way off the road over into these trees. We watched him roar past us. He gets to the intersection and skids out. Could not stop. His SUV ass was just lucky no one was coming on the cross street. Tool.

People in this city cannot drive on ice. Which is why I stay home when it snows or freezes here.