Friday, February 18, 2011

I Really Wanna Blog About the Revolution...

...over there in Wisconsin, but then I see this, from Palin, who is -- what?

Just -- what?

And I can't stop myself.

Palin is (pretending to be) upset because Michelle Obama is doing what she can to encourage more Americans to breastfeed their children. Now why, you might ask, would anyone, especially anyone who is Pro-Life, as Palin claims she is, be opposed to breastfeeding babies?

Well, because liberals are pro-breastfeeding babies, obviously. Anything the Left likes, the Right hates. Never mind your silly evidence about breastfeeding being better for babies.

Also, Obama. Obama Obama Obama.

Which is really all the Right needs.


Sorry I fell for it. Look! Wisconsin! The Revolution starts now! (We can hope!)

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