Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Working & working & working

I've been hammering away at a revision of Martin's War, lately, getting it ready to go to a couple of places that are having open submissions.  Also working on a short story that is nearly done.  Also there is nothing I want to cook that I am not sick to death of eating. Also working on some reviews with deadlines coming up like in (shit!) two or three days here.  Also teaching and prepping, because (look at this!) the semester done gone started. And it is Chaucer this semester, on top of Fiction Workshop, so you can see where I am.  Also dealing with that child, who has started madolescence early, and will keep having crises.  Argh.  Also having migraines every whipstitch, what with these weather shifts.  Also financial crises, as per usual.  Also the cat, who has decided she is my cat and insists on sitting in my lap when I am trying to work, going brrr-brrr-brr-brr-why-won't-you -PET-me? Also no one but me apparently can do the laundry around this place, or the dishes, or take out the recycling.  Also my new iPad keeps me up every night until two and three a.m.  Also if someone doesn't vacuum soon the cat hair is going to form its own colony and voting parliament.

So you see my issues.

(P.S. I forgot to mention FanSci -- a new issue!  Go read!)


Unknown said...

3 excedrine tension headache pills work really well on migraines... at least, they do for me. also, a complete-freak-out-screaming-yelling-steam-coming-out-of-your-ears type conversation might work for the recycling, vacuuming, etc that needs doing.

zelda1 said...

You need to have a family meeting and make a chart and say this week, you do the laundry, I do the cooking, and you do the dishes, and we all vacumn and dust. Next week, we will switch. Three people can divide the stuff down where it isn't all on you. Since my little town meeting with Mr Zelda, things have improved a little. He still isn't doing nearly as much as I, but he is doing more. It all shouldn't fall on you. Just saying.