Monday, January 03, 2011

General Observation

It's harder to write when the kitten has decided your lap is its best place to nap and your elbow is its favorite pillow.

The purring, of course, is just bait.


Jennifer said...

I've noticed a similar problem in my own house! It seems my cat knows when I am trying to work versus just surfing the net.

dorki said...

A cat on your chest does, however, keep you stable so you do not fall out of bed at night.

zelda1 said...

See, if you had two kitties, then they would snuggle together and not occupy so much of your time. Well, that's not exactly true, since all of my girls want me to hold, pet, scratch, soothe, and sometimes, kiss them most of the time. But, occassionally, they will snuggle together and forget about me. Oh, and when it is eally cold, the kitties are like warm blankets. Or, like now, one or two will sit next to me and try to fluff my cellulite, which is somewhat of a beauty treatment. Then there's the empyting of the litter box and the opening of the sinuses, which is my job. Oh, and least I forget, there's the little meows that remind me of how important that I am in the food chain her. When one meows, I stop what I'm doing and make sure the little princeses are all fine and dandy and this movement could be interpreted as an exercise for better health. So, yeah, kitties perform a vital need in our household--like your kitty does in your household. Now what was my point.

delagar said...

I believe your point was that I should take another kitty off your hands. NICE TRY!!!

Although I must say we are enjoying Jasper very much. Even Herr Dr. Delagar remarked to me a few days ago how happy he was to have a kitty.