Thursday, January 06, 2011

That Was Fast

Since Hanukkah arrived well before Christmas this year, I got my iPad in early December, as some of you may recall.  And from that point on, it went everywhere with me, since we could not bear to be apart.  (I loves my iPad!)

Everywhere I went, waiting room of the clinic, or hanging out in my office or over at the student union, people remarked upon it.  "Is that one of them Kindles?" was the comment I most often got, although, "Hey!  That's one of those electric books, ain't it?" was also a common question.

I would say yes, sort of, and sometimes, if they were actually interested, give them a tiny iPad commercial.

But now?  Post-Christmas?  No one notices and no one cares.  This is because, everywhere I go, everyone has their own Kindle, their own Nook, their own iPad.  I was at the orthodonist with the kid this morning, every parent there had one or the other.  (Though I was disappointed to find the waiting room didn't have free wifi.  I settled for reading Tom Franklin's Crooked Letter Crooked Letter, which I had downloaded last night.)

We're living in the future.


Unknown said...

I still am not sure about e-books... I adore my paper and ink :(

Tree of Knowledge said...

I am jealous, though do love my books. How's the screen on the ipad? Do you get any glare in the sun? How is it on your eyes?

delagar said...

Paper books, I spit on them! Honestly. I used to love them too. Now I am NEVER going back. They are so clumsy compared to reading the ebook. They don't stay open, you lose your place, you can't take lengthy, typed, legible notes, you can't look things up on the net (connected right there TO the book) -- bah! dead-tree books are archaic. Move into this century!

And Tree! The iPad screen, at least, is pretty good. I do have to avoid having a light behind me when I'm reading -- I shut down the reading light behind the chair, and try not to read beside windows. But if I have to, the iPad is so small and light, it can usually be angled away from the light source. Also, there's a feature that lets you adjust its illumination, which helps with glare if there is any.

The iPad screen is bigger than the screen on the Kindle or the Nook, and there's a feature that lets you adjust the print on the page -- book page AND web pages. With my dreadful eyes, I love that feature. I can make the print way big!

Me and my iPad, we're best friends.