Monday, October 12, 2009

Best Health Care in the World

Bill Frist was on the Maher show Friday night, doing a better job that I expected, frankly. He did repeat that canard about America having the best health-care system in the world, however, which is probably true if you are a rich fuck like him.

For the rest of us, however, the world looks a bit different.

The Consumers Union survey of 1,002 adults from Sept. 17 to 20 found that among the ways people have tried to cut back on health care costs:
-- 28 percent put off doctors' visits.
-- 25 percent have been unable to afford medical bills or medication.
-- 22 percent put off medical procedures.
-- 20 percent declined medical tests.
-- 20 percent skipped filling prescriptions.
-- 15 percent took expired medication.
-- 15 percent skipped scheduled dosages of prescriptions.

I have done nearly all of those, including skipping filling prescription and skipping dosages: not for the kid, but for me; and I have done them more than once. I'd say, in fact, I have done them often. (To be fair, my meds are fucking pricey.)

I've also gone without going in for medical care, especially when I know a visit is likely to lead to something expensive.

We have insurance, but it doesn't cover everything; and I am still paying off doctors and dentists and specialists and for Herr Dr. Delagar's manifold medical issues...about $300 off the top of every paycheck goes for medical bills, which that's over and above what we pay for insurance.

Who needs medical reform? Well, not Bill Frist, I guess.


Tree of Knowledge said...

Bill Frist is an ass. And I should know, my fucking family voted for him. I hate him. I hated him when I lived in TN, and I hate him now.

Tree of Knowledge said...

Uh, sorry to stop by and be all negative. I have issues. ;)

delagar said...

Ha! I have issues and back-issues and special double-issues, as you maybe have noticed. Feel free to think of this as your negative space.

zelda1 said...

Yeah, I'm buying over the counter ulcer meds for the little bit of stomach that I have left and its ulcer because the prescription meds that the doc wants me to take--says, in fact, I need to take, is not covered by my insurance and it cost almost as much as what I make

Anonymous said...

I've done all of the above in the last year. It killed me this month when I had to fill XC's inexpensive reflux medicine that doesn't work as well because the one that works wonderfully is terribly expensive. Every time he spits up or acts like his tummy is bothering him I feel guilty as sin.

Julianna said...

We've done all of those things. And now my husband has been diagnosed with swine flu, like 5 minutes after he joined the ranks of the uninsured. This sucks.

Anonymous said...

Move to Canada. We have maple syrup and free healthcare!