Thursday, October 22, 2009

Many Happy (Late) Returns of the Day!

Yesterday was Ursula Le Guin's 80th birthday.  

Le Guin is one of my top ten favorite writers on the planet.  For a very long time, The Dispossessed was my favorite book -- that, and The Lathe of Heaven, and The Word for World Is Forest, and Always Coming Home...well, then there were her short stories.  Brilliant short stories.

Then Octavia Butler showed up, and I had two favorites.  And lately I have discovered Eleanor Arnason, so 3 favorites...but hey, this is an excellent problem to have.

In any case, Ursula Le Guin is not only 80 years old, she is still writing brilliant fiction.

Wow.  How cool is that?

Happy Birthday!


zelda1 said...

I am stocking up on books to read over the holidays. Well, that and study for my comps. But, I can read one or two for fun. By the way, finishing my chapter made me giddy and I ran around being giddy all day. Then, I came home, tried to start a fire and didn't open the vent thingy and the kitties and I had to abandon the house while thick smoke crept out of the windows. Today, I write my conference paper and am reviving an outline of a paper so I can present it at the faculty thing in November. Yeah.

delagar said...

Congratulations on the chapter! Yay!