Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's snowing here!  I doubt we'll get much, but it's hella cold, and big old flakes falling right now, so I'm hoping (ooo, nine inches and classes cancelled tomorrow, please please please, c'mon, y'all, chant it with me!).

And yesterday we had a fire in the building, which cancelled classes for THAT day, so I've had at least one unscheduled writing day this week: wouldn't two be so cool?

Update: No big snow.  Waaah!  Just a dusting, and arctic cold.  Oh, well.


zelda1 said...

The snow was so nice. I had an early meeting up here at the big university and it was on a street far away from the building where my office is, so I decided to have Mr. Zelda drop me off and he did and I walked in the snow about four or more blocks away. It was so nice to be out in the cold and feel it falling. I was covered from head to toe so there was no freezing, other than my eyes, they froze. I hope we get more. Hey, let's you, Mr. Delagar, the kid, and Mr. Zelda move up north. We can bring the TOLP too. We can start our own subculture up north and have code switching and code meshing with all this Arkie talk, we might get a chance to be studied. Let's do it.

delagar said...

God, don't I wish. mr. delagar says I'd have to find another husband. I'm thinking it over. (A joke! That's a joke!)