Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dr. What?

No one in my 1203 class watches Dr. Who (I know this b/c I polled them) b/c they are NOT COOL, that is why, or even, apparently, knows what Dr. Who is, sadly; the kid and I are big fans, though we argue about which is the best doctor.  (I like the 9th; she prefers the 10th; mr delagar, as you might guess, doesn't care as long as Rose Tyler is in the episodes.)

Anyway, we were in a robust argument about whether the colonial or the post-colonial Doctor was better (and had to explain to the kid what post-colonial meant) and mr delagar, who prefers the colonial Doctor got snotty and wondered why I wasn't looking for a post-patriarchal Doctor, and I pointed out to him that's exactly why he doesn't like Donna Noble episodes, duh, b/c she's smart and not Ms. Sex Class, and yes, of course I have noticed that the Doctor had never morphed into a women, why do you suppose that is, I asked the kid, and she got a terrified look on her face and claimed, swiftly, that it was b/c he was a guy, of course, guys CAN'T turn into women, and I lifted my eyebrows in the way I do and she fled the room.

"He's an alien," I shouted after her.  "Please!  AS IF!"

"Shut up!" she yelled back.  "Shut up shut up shut up!"

She hated it when I make her head explode.

Anyway: later we found all sorts of cool Dr. Who merchandise on the web, so she decided to speak to me again.  She wants a Bad Wolf: No Biscuit teeshirt.  I want a What Would the Doctor Do coffee mug.  When we have some money, if we ever do, we're gone to buy them.


tonkelu said...

Confession: I've never seen Dr. Who and haven't the faintest idea as to what you're talking about.

I now feel the need to apologize.

delagar said...

It's a British SF show. I'm a total neener.

zelda1 said...

I would love to watch it but I'm all about reading. While reading is good, sometimes my eyes feel all hot and scratchy like sand is in them and I'm sure it is the reading but I must read. I must, I really must read.

Kestrel said...

Dr. Who is big doin's here in the UK. Word of the new Dr. Who is headline news.

Wanna bit of trivia? Dr. Who DID morph into a woman once...into the shape of the lovely Joanna Lumley in a special series made for Comic Relief. I think the episodes are on You Tube.

I think there was a BBC audio programme in which Dr. Who was played by Arabella Weir, too.

delagar said...

Kestrel -- So what do y'all think of the new Doctor over there? I've only got what's on Wikipedia to go by. (I'm also one season behind, since I have to watch it via Netflix -- I live in Fort Smith, Arkansas, which is like living in a third world country, I swear.)