Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Really, Really Tough

I've been taking a holiday from political blogging, since, you know, we won (yay us!) and it's been eight years, after all, and I'm just worn out.  I thought I'd take a month or two and blog about other things.

But, but, but:

Obama's stimulus package and these Republicans.

The more we hear about this package, the better it sounds -- it's something that could work, it doesn't just feed the rich, it helps those who need help -- look at this: it works to fund education, and that, as anyone with an eye on history can tell you, pays not just now but later.

The contraception hubbub would have been a good deal, as well, since it would have also paid both now and later-- helped poor folks with money issues now, since while rich and middle class people can usually pay for their own contraception, poor people -- those here in Pork Smith, for instance, often, in fact, have trouble finding the cash -- and the whole country with money issues later--

(Fewer poor sick people later to deal with on the public dime -- what's the problem with that plan, can someone tell me?  And this is not even abortion: this is contraception!  Good shit!  Now the Right is against contraception too?)--

But no, the Right would rather make political noise than get the country working.  Fine.

You remember the debates?  You remember McCain with his witty line about how it would be hard for Obama to reach across the aisle from that far to the left?

Who's not reaching across the aisle now?  And why?

Rush is right: they want Obama to fail so badly they don't care if they take the country with him.


zelda1 said...

Did ya see where he signed the bill that women can sue for not getting the same pay as the men in their exact jobs. Yes, I love this man.

Diane said...

The tiny $200 million for contraception could probably have stayed in with equally tiny resistance from the White House. It was Obama who made the cut.