Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why, Look

It's the Leftist Media Again!

I don't know if you read Kristol --frankly, I avoid him -- but mr. delagar pointed this one out to me. Mr. Kristol writes about Obama's commencement speech, in which he exhorted recent graduates to give back to the country -- to consider public service.

In [his] speech, he goes on to detail — at some length — the “so many ways to serve” that are available “at this defining moment in our history.” There’s the Peace Corps, there’s renewable energy, there’s education, there’s poverty — there are all kinds of causes you can take up “should you take the path of service.”

Kristol admits:

[Obama's] speech was skillfully crafted and well delivered, the grace notes were graceful, and the exhortations to public service seemed heartfelt but not cloying.

So why, you ask, is Mr. Kristol not happy about Obama's call to action?

...[T]here’s one obvious path of service Obama doesn’t recommend — or even mention: military service. He does mention war twice: “At a time of war, we need you to work for peace.” And, we face “big challenges like war and recession.” But there’s nothing about serving your country in uniform.

OOO! Snap! Kristol gotcha, Barack Hussein Obama! You don't RESPECT them soldiers, you don't SUPPORT the troops, do you, huh, huh? Just like all them LEFTIES!!

What a fucking tool.

See here for more.

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