Monday, June 16, 2008

Better a drought...

Better a drought than a flood, as they say.

It's been a drought here in the midwest for the past, I don't know, five years? Since I moved to Pork Smith, anyway. Lower than normal rainfalls, and some summers, little to no rain at all.

This spring and summer, yikes. Well, you've seen the news about the midwest -- you know what's happening there. We're getting the edge of that.

Last night, more of it: the second scariest storm of my life, with chain-lightning and banging thunder, pounding rain and high velocity wind. The tree in the back yard blew down into the roof, but not through it, luckily. It was very loud. Very dark, too, with the storm and all, and this is about 11:00 so there's not much we can do (including actually get out into the yard, since the tree has fallen so that it's mostly holding the back door shut) except point the big flashlight up at the roof through the rain and hail and say, well, what do you think we should do?

In the end I went to bed and mr. delagar watched more TV. (The kid was at her friend's for the night, for which I was grateful. She would have been having a major meltdown, since she sleeps right under where the tree landed.)

My university has cancelled classes today, so I suspect I'm not the only one with storm damage.

Waiting for the landlords now; mr. delagar is in the yard, cutting free the door with hand-clippers. He's so intrepid.


Anonymous said...

dr. delagar:
It seems we had a similar kind of night. Not only did a tree land on my roof, it gouged three holes into it. Thankfully, it all happened in the garage section of the roof.
The hail storm on April 9th damaged the roof and luckily we waited to have it repaired. I had a feeling that another storm would do more damage.
Well, since my husband and I have to be living in CT by July 2oth, we are hoping to sell the house before we leave AR. Hmmm...what are the chances of that happening?

When it pours!

I agree...better a drought.

Karenne S.

Bardiac said...

Stay safe and dry, if you can.