Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Kathleen Parker, that charming loon who said you weren't a real American unless both sides of your family were white folk all the back for 200 years (see here for the column, cause I know you want to read it again), whose abysmal "column," close-packed with her hateful version of American family values, is frequently featured in my local paper (feminists bad! men good! Democrats crazy! and so on) -- well, Parker has written a book, called, isn't this cute, Save the Males.

I heard about this a few weeks ago, and have been haunting the sphere, waiting for someone to review it so I wouldn't have to read the copy our library is certain to buy. (They buy all Ann Coulter's books, too.)

Well! I open Atrios this morning, and what do I find? A link to a review! And yes! Parker's book sucks just as much as I expected! Oh joy! Oh bliss!

I haven't been this happy since people FINALLY started waking up to the realization that Hoff-Sommers' piece of crap, War Against the Boys, was, in fact, an utterly dishonest bit of propaganda -- which took awhile, as I recall. Why did people take her seriously at first? Oh, wait, I remember now: because she said what they wanted to hear: girls bad, men good, (women) teachers are stupid and evil. Yeah, I remember.

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