Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yay, Holidays

So LAST Thanksgiving, I got appalling drunk on rum and diet Dr. Pepper the night before (I had just been rejected by a really good agent) and spent the day itself drinking Perrier water right from the bottle and wishing for death.

ThisTNX, maybe better. Uncle Charger, the kid's adopted uncle, is coming to visit, with his parents, and I only had a bit of rum in coffee last night, and -- look at this -- something like winter has finally arrived here in AR (37 degrees right now, though the weather guys say it's going to be hitting the 70s again next week) which is making me happier at the moment. mr. delagar is smoking a whole turkey and a turkey breast; he spent all day yesterday cooking -- a pumpkin pie, a banana cream pie, two crusty loaves of bread, one of them rye and one white; corn bread stuffing; turkey neck gravy; I'm making the sweet potato thing with the marshmallows on top today (mr. delagar refuses, b/c it's too low-class), also the grilled asparagus; there will be crudites at the last moment. Uncle Charger is bringing the wine. Uncle Charger is famous for his interesting beers and wines.

Happy TNX, y'all.


Anonymous said...

I made T-Day dinner for my family yesterday, 19 of them. I did my best to reproduce the "traditional" meal I had when I was 12. Apparently my family has enjoyed (in our years of living in other states) way too many years of noodle salad/pot luck Thanksgivings, and I'm the only one who remembers how to make the traditional stuff or cares. It was well received. I didn't have leftovers to bring home with me anyway. Why did I do this to myself? It was exhausting. Next year, let them have their noodle salad/pot luck dinner.

Candied sweet potatoes are the #1 attraction of my T-Day table, by the way. I peel and slice the sweet potatoes into roughly 1-inch thick, round blocks, then boil them in about 8 pounds of mixed white and brown sugar with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. The sugar melts into a wonderful syrup, and it's one of my favorite things in the world.

It's hard to care, and not to care, but you know that. Nothing a hot bath and a glass of amaretto can't cure. Happy Holidays! --L

delagar said...

Nineteen people! You have my admiration!

Ours went well, I think. mr. delagar's turkey was perfect, and everyone had seconds of my sweet potato thing, though I don't think it was as good as yours sounds. Mmm!

CB said...

yams...the sweet potatp\oe thing, i belive, is called yams.

CB said...

wow. i butchered that..never eat and type at the same time.