Tuesday, November 20, 2007


mr. delagar came home with an iPod Touch last Friday, which he now refers to as "my penis," as in "come see what my penis can do," and "you aren't admiring my penis enough!"

Given that we are stony-broke, due to the hefty acceleration of gasoline prices, the increase in tuition at the kid's school, and what's been going on with our gas and electic and water bills lately, not to mention the water bills (40% increase in the water bill! The Water Board increased what they're charging by 40% My water bill was $98 last month!), I am not as thrilled by this as I might have been; however, it is a very nice penis.

You can download movies onto it! And music! And surf the net! And get email! Also, download audiobooks, and then later link up to your car stereo and listen while you drive to Tulsa. Is this not so cool? And worth the 300 dollars he claimed it cost? (Which is see from the receipt I found in his jeans pocket while doing the laundry is not precisely true, but oh well. What a penis!)


Anonymous said...

Did you say, "I certainly hope you enjoy playing with your penis because I won't be for awhile."? I would be massively hacked if Mr. Tonks pulled a stunt like that. It's not I'd begrudge the purchase I just feel like spending over $200 on anything warrants at least a discussion between the two of us. That said, I'm a bit jealous. I love all things Mac.

delagar said...

I will not list the things I was tempted to say.

It's so cool, the iPod Touch. Also you have to know mr. delagar. He's the boy that says Buddha only became enlightened b/c they had no iPods under that bo tree.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Delagar and Mr. Tonks would get along well.

I'd love an iTouch but what I really want is a Nintendo Wii. Wee!

Anonymous said...

I can't blame Mr. Delagar for getting an iPod. I finally bought one after years of coveting them something fierce. I had to have it. It couldn't wait any longer. I didn't consult my husband. He knew it was inevitable, and I at least used some restraint in choosing the 4GB Nano.

I have everything on it from Jerry Lee Lewis to Berlioz to Gilbert & Sullivan to Emmylou Harris to Led Zeppelin, something for any and all musical impulses. I wouldn't call it a penis, exactly. It's more like my musical mind in a tiny metallic take-along, sing-along form. I have a little speaker thing I can connect it to, and it makes a sound system that drops into my purse. I play along with my guitar and my playing improves. It rocks.

Mr. Delagar was a victim of an uncontrollable urge. He couldn't help it. You have to forgive him. --L

delagar said...

I totally have. I'd forgive him more if he'd let me play with it. (Um...that didn't come out right, exactly...)

zelda1 said...

I just want an Ipod, it doesn't matter what kind. I bought one but my son took it so I'm getting me another. Can't wait.