Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm behind a big silver Hummer on the I-540 this morning, and he's got one of those Jesus fish stickers, and he's got one of those kneeling Calvins, piously peering up at a cross (picture Bill Watterson flipping him off), and he's got a red-white-and-blue I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS magnet, with its tail shaped into a tiny cross, and, in case we missed the fucking point, citizens, he's got a giant bumper sticker, not on his bumper, plastered across his cargo door, saying, in big black letters, I PRAY: GET USED TO IT.

From another bumper sticker, I can see he belongs to that fundamentalist mega church I mentioned in the previous post, but this is not my point.

Here is my point: I pray: get used to it?

Because, what?

This is some sort of rebel stance?

I know this is what Christians want to believe, that they are being persecuted in America these days, that they are the victims. That's what this War on Christmas meme of theirs is about, and the revisionist history about the founding fathers, and the fight to get ID taught in the public schools, and all the rest of it.

But please. When someone announces he is a Christian, do we kick the shit out of him in a bar? Do we refuse to employ him at our law firm? Is he not allowed to teach our fifth graders? Coach football?

My point is, the idea that we persecute people for being Christians in this country is a wetdream of the religious right, and one I frankly wish they would confine to the privacy of their own forums.

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Anonymous said...

You can't see (duh) but I'm standing up and applauding right now. Bravo!