Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Living in America

Over here on Angry Bear, the economics blog I like best, Cactus shows us what Democrats V. Republicans do to the income levels here in America.

It's a fine post, with nice graphs. Here's the bit I found interesting:

...JFK/LBJ came out tops, followed by Clinton, then Reagan, and in fourth, Ike, with a big gap between each one. The rest of the Presidents all had negative growth… GW was the least offensive of these, followed by Nixon/Ford, then GHW, and Carter brought up the rear. Despite Carter's dismal performance, on average, the Democratic Presidents did better than the Republican Presidents.

But while that shows how much income for the representative American earner has changed over time, it’s not an end-all be all measure. It would be nice to know how much this person takes home after taxes. And because some Presidents drove up the debt (cough cough, Reagan, cough, GW), a smart person knows that they have to pay more in taxes some time in the future in order to pay for that debt.

There's more. Go see.

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CB said...

That's interesting since Republicans like to cut taxes, which would seem to imply that Republicans would come out on top.

I think I'm going to frequent that blog often from here on out.